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Group Packages and Meals Options

Meeting Room Hire

When booking a meeting room, you will have complimentary coffee and tea on arrival if a catering is booked:

Full Delegates’ Package
Morning Tea
Corporate Lunch
Afternoon Tea

Complimentary coffee and tea on arrival

Half Day Delegates’ Package
Morning Tea
Corporate Lunch

Complimentary coffee and tea on arrival

*Car parking is complimentary
*We cater for any budget or requirement


Why bother to shop and cook?

We serve continental and full breakfasts to our groups at
a minimal cost in a traditional buffet style.

A wide Variety to choose from, imagination is your limits….


Juices (O.J. apple, pineapple, etc)
Milk (full cream, soy milk, light etc. at your choice)
Just Right/Sultana Bran/Weet Bix/Cornflakes
Bread (rye, wholemeal, white, pumpkin seed, raisin, etc)
Homemade pancakes with whipped cream, jam or honey and butter (subject to availability)
Fruit Salad or Fresh Fruit Platter
A fine selection of condiments

* * * *

Full American Breakfast

All items in Continental plus:

Scrambled/Poached/Fried Eggs
BBQ/Pork/Chicken Sausages at your choice
Baked Beans
Baked Spaghetti
Grilled Tomatoes/Mushrooms
Hash Brown

Corporate Lunch Menu

Option A

Assorted gourmet sandwiches

Option B

Steak sandwiches with salads and/or vegies

Option C

Beef/Lamb/Chicken Skewers marinated with special spice and salads

Plus A or B or homemade soup

All lunch options come with juices, fruit platter, cheese board and desserts

Assorted Gourmet Sandwiches

Chicken w/Avo, Salad and Special Mayo
Spicy Chicken w/Salad and Special Chili Mayo

Ham, Cheese and Salad
Ham, Cheese and Tomatoes

Salami, Cheese and Salad

Roast Beef w/Mustard
Corned Beef, Cheese and Salad

Turkey w/Cranberry Jam, Cheese and Salad


Garden Salad w/Cheese
Grilled vegetables and/or Cheese

A fine selection of different kinds of bread to satisfy your taste buds – white, wholemeal, rye, brown, wraps, bagels, baguettes, focaccia, etc.

Cold sandwiches are no longer boring…….

Garlic Bread or Herb Bread

Choice of

Spaghetti Bolognese
Pasta with meat and tomato sauce

Fettuccini Pollo
Pasta with chicken, mushroom and cream cheese sauce

Fettuccine Carbonara
Pasta with homemade carbonara source and bacon

Lasagna Alforno
Layers of pasta with tomato, ham, cheese and parmesan

Pizza Hawaiian

Pizza Meatlovers
Pizza with chicken pieces

Pizza Vegetarian
Pizza with tomato, cheese, mushroom, capsicum, eggplant

Pizza Tropicana
Pizza with tomato, cheese, pineapple and smoked ham

We'll become City Star Lodge Brisbane later this month—an exciting move that will see us refresh our brand but keep the warm welcome and great service you expect from us.