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Group Accommodation Fact Sheet

How To Organise Group Accommodation Successfully

Are you planning to go on a trip with your family, friends or work colleagues to Brisbane anytime soon? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you should consider organising group accommodation at Econo Lodge City Star Brisbane.

Organising successful group accommodation can be very challenging, especially because of the large number of people you are booking for. What makes organising accommodation challenging is that different people have different needs and you have to make sure to fulfill these needs if you want your endeavors to be successful. Inexperienced individuals often find themselves with a lot of problems before and during the tour. However, these problems can easily be avoided if you know how to organise group accommodations properly.

Work Out The Number of Guests

The most important thing to consider when organising a group accommodation is to determine the number of guests who will be joining your party. Knowing the number of guests will allow you to identify how many rooms you will need in order to accommodate everyone. Aside from determining the number of people, it is also very important to note down each person’s room preferences. Some people might be okay sharing their room with others while some value privacy. Moreover, knowing the people who will be joining your group also allows you to determine whether some of them have strict room requirements. This will allow you to plan which room you will assign to each, and so keep them happy for the duration of the trip.

Determine Your Guests’ Preferences

Different people have different preferences and if you are planning to organise group accommodation, make sure that you know about the preferences of your guests. You have to know their travel preferences such as: Do they need room service or wake up calls? What about 24/7 Wi-Fi connection? And don’t forget if they have kids or babies they might need babysitting services or a play area. Take note of these preferences and make sure that you let the hotel staff know about them to ensure that everyone in the group is happy.

Book Early

Traveling with a large group is an intimidating task especially if you are looking for hotels where you can book your group accommodation. For this reason, you have to book early so that everyone in your group will be accommodated in one hotel. Book your room accommodation a few months before your planned date. This is especially a good idea if you and your group are planning to go on a trip during the holiday season. By doing so, you will eliminate problems that may arise upon check in.

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